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Honduras has a rich Biodiversity, there are more than 700 species of birds and plants, as well as a variety of insects and mammals.

14 de junio de 2021

Lancetilla Botanical Garden

In 1925 Dr. Wilson Popenoe created the unique Lancetilla Botanical Garden in Honduras and one of the largest in all of Latin America

2 de enero de 2021

The Arboretum of Zamorano

El Arboretum de Zamorano o más completo El Arboretum de la Escuela Agrícola Panamericana Zamorano, es una reserva de naturaleza y arboreto de unos 17 km² de extensión en el que se ubica la universidad privada Escuela Agrícola Panamericana denominada Zamorano dedicada a la formación de los jóvenes de la región en la agricultura de […]

Fauna in Honduras

Honduras has several protected areas and thanks to its rich biodiversity, the fauna is very varied and rich in small animals and others.

Flora in Honduras

The flora of Honduras is very varied with a rainforest or rainforest, also classified as a Tropical Rain Forest.

9 de agosto de 2020

Utila Marine Sanctuary

Utila is the island with the least diversity of wildlife, its ecological uniformity and lack of fresh water sources may be responsible.


Swan Islands Marine Reserve

In 1762 it appears on an English map as SWAN ISLANDS and it is assumed that they were named after the pirate Swan.


Boquerón Mountain

Boquerón is currently an abrupt geological formation that is difficult to access, with an interesting floristic composition.


Tawahka Asangni Biosphere

It was declared by decree 157-99 and its main ecosystems are the humid tropical forest.


Cayos Misquitos National Marine Park

Its keys are famous for their refuge for an impressive number of seabirds, many of which nest in it.