Biographies of Honduras

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Learn about the biographies and lives of the most important historical and current figures of Honduras.

CNE declara a Xiomara Castro como la presidenta electa de Honduras

Biography of Iris Xiomara Castro de Zelaya

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya goes down in history by being elected in general and democratic elections as the first President of Honduras. Xiomara Castro is of social democratic ideology.

Biografía de Lucila Gamero de Medina

Biography of Lucila Gamero de Medina

She was one of the first Honduran women writers. She was called «the great lady of Honduran letters.» His most outstanding work was Blanca Olmedo.

Biografía de Ramón Amaya Amador

Biography of Ramón Amaya Amador

He was a journalist and one of the most prolific writers in Honduras. Author of Green Prison, Los Brujos de Ilamatepeque, Cipotes.

Biografía de Alfonso Guillén Zelaya

Biography of Alfonso Guillén Zelaya

He was a Honduran writer, poet, journalist, editor, and diplomat. Fervent defender of the democracy of Honduras. Writer of the essay «Lo Esencial».

Biografía de José Trinidad Cabañas

Governors and Presidents of Honduras

List of Governors, Heads of State and Presidents who have been in office in Honduras from 1824 to 2026.

The President of Honduras is the head of state and government of the nation, he is officially identified as Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Honduras of 1982.

National Heroes and National Symbols

Honduras counts in the memory of history with the deeds of great men, who were an example of dedication, courage and love for the country.

Biografía de Francisco Morazán – Prócer de Honduras