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The best Recipes on Typical Food, Soups, Drinks, Desserts, Entries, Sandwiches and more of the traditional cuisine of Honduras.

Receta para cocinar Nacatamales Hondureños

Recipe for cooking Honduran Nacatamales

The nacatamales is a complete meal of the Honduran cuisine that has years of tradition on the Honduran table.

Receta para preparar Rompopo

Recipe to prepare Rompope

A traditional Christmas drink in homes in Honduras.

How to prepare the best Honduran Torrejas

How to prepare the best Honduran Torrejas

This traditional Christmas preparation has the quality that it does not need to fry the Torrejas, being cheaper and healthier to prepare.

Receta hondureña para preparar Montucas

Honduran recipe to prepare Montucas

A typical dish of Honduran cuisine similar to nacatamal but prepared with tender corn, chicken, beef or pork.

Receta para preparar Baleadas

Recipe to prepare Special Baleadas Honduran style

Learn to shoot Honduran style. La Baleada is one of the most traditional foods on the Honduran table.

Delicious Honduran recipe for Tripe Soup

Tripe soup is a traditional recipe from Honduras, highly desired by the Catracho people, as it is a complete food with excellent flavor.

Receta hondureña para preparar Enchiladas

Recipe for preparing Honduran Enchiladas

Honduran enchiladas are a very popular food in the neighborhoods and colonias of Honduras.