Folkloric and Popular Songbook of Honduras

The Folkloric and Popular Songbook of Honduras is a compilation of songs and music that is an important part of our national culture and folklore.

It demonstrates the richness and variety of compositions of our artists who, through time, have wanted to leave a musical legacy that represents in a simple way the deepest feelings for our beloved land, Honduras.

Musical compositions such as El Pítero, Los Inditos, El Barreño and El Bananero by Doña Lidia Handal, who was one of the greatest composers of traditional music in Honduras, are very popular in Honduras.

Part of the Honduran musical repertoire is made up of Costumbrista and Folkloric songs.

Costumbrista Song

It is any literary or musical composition inspired by something folkloric such as the land, the landscape, the way our peasants speak, their way of dressing and thinking, etc. and the most important thing is that we all know the name of its author.

Folk song

It is any literary or musical composition with the same characteristics as costumbrista songs, but in this case the name of its author is not known. It may be by the author’s own decision to remain anonymous or because it is a very old song that over the years has forgotten the name of its author.

List of folk songs of Honduras

The folk song in Honduras is an important part of its culture and history, thanks to the great repertoire of musical composers that the country has had throughout its history.

List of Anthems of Honduras

In addition to popular songs, there is a repertoire of hymns dedicated to our national heroes, as well as characters and icons from the history and culture of Honduras.

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