National Flag of Honduras – Flag and national symbol

After 45 years of its independence (in 1821) Honduras and declaring ourselves a free and sovereign State of the former federal government of León Alvarado. It was not until the administration of José María Medina that the flag and coat of arms of the National Shield of Honduras was established by decree . Until that date the flag of the Central American Union was used.

The current National Flag of Honduras was created by Legislative Decree No. 7, of February 16, 1866, published in the Legislative Bulletin (of Comayagua) No. 4 of March 6 of the same year, being President of the Republic Don José Maria Medina. The National Coat of Arms was also modified, instead of the Phrygian cap that appeared until then, it would be replaced by a setting sun. 

National Pavilion of Honduras on Juana Laínez Hill
National Pavilion of Honduras on Juana Laínez Hill

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Meaning of the National Flag

The design of the National Flag of Honduras was in charge of Manuel José Arceque , who in turn was inspired by the Flag of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (currently Argentina).

Its design consists of three horizontal stripes. The two outer ones are turquoise blue and the middle stripe is white, adorned by five five-pointed stars, also turquoise blue.

What do the blue stripes on the national flag of Honduras represent?
The blue stripes represent the two oceans that surround Honduras , the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. In addition to the Honduran sky and the ideals of justice, loyalty, brotherhood, strength, sweetness, courage, brotherly love and the generous ideals that unite Hondurans.

What does the white stripe on the national flag of Honduras represent?
The white stripe represents the values ​​of purity, integrity, faith, obedience, peace, temperance, vigilance, kindness, and the good deeds of national patriotism towards the nation.

What do the five stars of the national flag of Honduras represent?
The five stars represent the ideal of the union of Central America and the former Central American Federation made up of the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

September 1 – Honduran National Flag Day

It was the government of Carlos Roberto Reina that was instituted on September 1, 1995 , as the Day of the National Flag of Honduras . Repealing the previous Decree Number 5, dated June 7, 1943, by which June 14 of each year was instituted as the day consecrated to the National Flag of Honduras.

Oath and Duties towards the National Flag of Honduras

The National Flag of Honduras is one of the most important symbols of our nation and as such every Honduran has duties towards it.

Oath to the National Flag of Honduras

I swear fidelity to the National Flag,
Symbol of unity, justice, freedom and peace,
Invoking the protection of God and the example of our heroes.
I promise to honor the country,
serve it and defend it under a single purpose,
for the benefit of all.

Duties towards the National Flag of Honduras

  1. Respecting and loving her is the duty of every citizen, said the director of the JTR (José Trinidad Reyes). «Consumerism and the influence of other cultures has made some people lose pride in the land they were born in, which is sad.»
  2. Families and schools have an obligation to cultivate patriotic fervor in children.
    «Parents should not be mistaken thinking that it is an exclusive task of the teacher, we are all obliged to ensure that the new generations respect the national symbols,» he added.
  3. Future teachers are clear about this mission and recognize that they have an obligation to educate students to love their country.
    “Unfortunately we have lost values, but we still have time to change this reality. That is why this day should not go unnoticed in any home in our country.
  4. Some young people recognize the importance that this day should have. “The flag is part of our beautiful culture. I feel very proud of her and I encourage Hondurans not to stop celebrating this day,” said student Alejandra Barrera.
  5. This national symbol invites us to have good deeds for our country such as: national patriotism, purity, integrity, faith, obedience, peace, firmness, vigilance and kindness. This sacred mantle is a faithful representation of our territory. That is why teachers invite you to honor this day with your family.

Creation of the National Flag

Decree No. 7

The President of the Republic of Honduras, to its inhabitants.

Know: that the Sovereign Congress has decreed the following:

The Congress of the Republic, using the powers granted by paragraph 17 of Article 24 of the Constitution, to designate the flag and coat of arms of the Republic.


Article 1.- The flag of the Republic of Honduras, will have, like that of the old Central American federation, two blue bands and one white in the middle, placed horizontally, and also, a group of five blue stars, with five protruding angles, in the white midfield.

Article 2º.- The bands of the pavilion will be from three to four yards in length and nine inches in width.

Article 3º.- The aforementioned flag will be merchant. The war one will have the same dimensions and colors; and also the coat of arms in five stars under the same shield, placed in a semicircular shape.

Article 4º.- The National Coat of Arms will be the one currently used; with only the difference of wearing a setting sun, instead of the Phrygian cap that it today contains.

Given in the Session Hall of the National Congress. Comayagua, February 16, 1866. Juan López DP Carlos Madrid, DS. Jeronimo Zelaya, DS. To the Executive Branch.

Therefore: Run. Comayagua, February 17, 1866. JOSÉ MARÍA MEDINA
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Cruz.

Flag National of Honduras
Flag National of Honduras

Characteristics of the National Flag

Reform of Decree No. 7

Art. 1º.- The National Flag of Honduras will consist of three equal and horizontal stripes, the upper and the lower of TURQUOISE BLUE COLOR, the one in the center white and will have in the middle five stars of five outgoing angles of the same blue color, forming with four of them a quadrilong parallel to the stripes, the rest being placed in the center of the same quadrilateral. The width of the set of the three stripes must be contained twice in the length.

Art. 2º.- The War Flag will be of the same width and length as the one described in the previous article with the other conditions prescribed in Article 1,682 of the current Military Ordinance.

Official color of the National Flag

The National Autonomous University of Honduras established the official chromatic code of the colors of the National Flag, this until the colors are defined and regulated by legislative decree.

CMYK Color Model

  • Cyan (C): 71%
  • Magenta (M): 0%
  • Yellow (Y): 8%
  • Black (K): 0%

RGB model

  • Red (R): 0%
  • Green (L): 188%
  • Blue (B): 228%

Pantone Color Model

  • Pantone 0118-6C

Hex Color Model

  • #00bce4

Controversy over the color of the National Flag

In recent years there has been a controversy over the correct color of the National Flag, and it is that Decree No. 7 article 1 reads as follows:

« The National Flag of Honduras will consist of three equal and horizontal stripes, the upper and the lower of TURQUOISE BLUE COLOR, the one in the center white and will have five outgoing stars of five angles of the same blue color in the middle …»


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