Biodiversity of Honduras

Honduras has a rich Biodiversity, there are more than 700 species of birds and plants, as well as a variety of insects and mammals.

List of Protected Areas and Parks of Honduras

Honduras has a natural wealth and a well varied Biodiversity where you can find Reserves from mountains, valleys and beaches in both seas.

Historically, the process of creating protected areas in Honduras originated in 1952, with the declaration of the San Juancito Forest Reserve as the first protected area in the country (today La Tigra National Park).

Flora and Fauna of the Department of Atlántida

In Atlántida there are 13 types of ecosystems, mostly broad-leaved tropical forest. The fauna of the region is very rich and varied.

El Colibrí Esmeralda

The Emerald Hummingbird

It is an endemic and unique species in Honduras. Its natural habitat is dry forests and tropical or subtropical scrubs.

The Pink Boa of Cayos Cochinos

The Pink Boa of Cayos Cochinos

It is one of the Endemic Species of Honduras, a family of the Boa Constrictor found north of Honduras in Cayos Cochinos.

Tapir or Danto in Honduras

Tapir or Danto in Honduras

The Danto or Tapir as it is known in Honduras is a mammal that is part of our Honduran fauna. It is of the genus of perissodactyla mammals of the family Tapiridae. Tapirus bairdii

Lancetilla Botanical Garden

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is the only botanical garden in Honduras and one of the largest in all of Latin America.

The year 1925 was the year of the birth of Lancetilla, when Dr. Wilson Popenoe chose, commissioned by the United Fruit Company, the Lancetilla Valley as the most suitable in terms of different types of soils and a variety of microclimates, to install a research base, for the study of banana diseases and to analyze the most viable methods to cultivate other tropical fruit plants.

La Tigra National Park

For lovers of the tranquility of nature, this park offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching.

Located just 12 km from Tegucigalpa, and with an area of more than 238 square kilometers, this national park has vegetation typical of a cloud forest, which is considered the type of tropical vegetation richest in flora and fauna.

Fauna in Honduras

Fauna in Honduras

Honduras has several protected areas and thanks to its rich biodiversity the fauna is very varied and rich in small animals and others.

Flora in Honduras

Flora in Honduras

The flora of Honduras is very varied, the rain forest or rainforest, also classified as Tropical Rain Forest. ecologists call it "Megathermal Hygrophilic Formation"

8 de August de 2020

Cerro Azul Copán National Park

The Park is a hill with 2,285 meters of maximum height and nine km2 of untouchable area above 1,800 meters….

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Yoro Mountain National Park

It was established in 1987 with an area of 257.45 km2 at its core and with a buffer zone of 125.53 km2….

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Kruta National Park

It is known for its importance as nesting areas for four species of sea turtles on the banks of the Kruta River and the Coco River….

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Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park

Cerro Azul Meámbar has a buffer area of 478 km2, which rises from 415 meters to 2,080 meters above sea level….

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Parque Nacional Celaque

Celaque National Park

The Park presents an abundant pine forest, here you can find six of the seven species of pine forest in Honduras….

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Parque Nacional Cusuco

Cusuco National Park

It is the only cloud forest in Cortés, in the lower parts of the mountain, the vegetation is made up of pine forests and tropical forest….

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Trifinio Montecristo National Park

The Montecristo hill is the point of reference to the border line between the Republics of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras….

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Patuca National Park

The Patuca National Park is located in eastern Honduras, and covers 2,200 km2….

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28 de April de 2020

Flora and Fauna of Atlántida

In Atlantida there are 13 types of ecosystems, mostly broad-leaved tropical forest. The fauna of the region is very rich and varied….

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Reserva de la Biosfera de Río Plátano
9 de February de 2019

Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve

The reserve was included in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1982 by UNESCO. Encloses the mystery of the White City….

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