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Municipality of Pespire

It is a municipality of the Department of Choluteca, in the Republic of Honduras.

By 1640, it was a town of indigenous people. In the first political division of the state of Honduras in 1824, it appears as a parish of the Department of Choluteca. In the 1889 census conducted by the priest Ramón Vallejo, Pespire is listed as a municipality, a category assigned to it in 1794.

General Information about Pespire

Origin of its name: In Mesoamerican language, it means «river of the small pyrites.»

  • Territorial area: 337.70 km2
  • Population: 25,833 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: 1794
  • Patron saint festival: January 13-21, day of St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Villages and hamlets: 9 villages and 178 hamlets.
  • Altitude: 100 meters above sea level.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of mangoes, plantains, coconuts, potatoes, tomatoes, and basic grains; raising of cattle, pigs, and horses; poultry farming and rabbit breeding.


  • Health: 9 health centers, 1 maternity hospital, and 1 specialized medical center.
  • Education: 7 community centers for pre-basic education, 5 basic education centers, 3 face-to-face secondary education centers, 67 primary education centers, and 41 kindergartens.
  • Communication: Telephone, mail, paved road network.


It is located north of the municipality of Choluteca, to the east of the Pespire River.


  • North: Municipalities of San Isidro, San Antonio de Flores, and San José;
  • South: Municipality of Choluteca;
  • East: Municipalities of Orocuina and Soledad (El Paraíso);
  • West: Municipality of Nacaome (Valle).

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