Comayagua Mountain National Park

It is located a short distance from Comayagua. There is a well marked trail starting from the community of Río Negro, you get to this place by taking the road to La Libertad. The detour to the Park is clearly marked.

The Montaña de Comayagua National Park was established on January 1, 1987 (Panacoma), located approximately 36 kilometers from the beautiful city with the same name, it is formed by a cloud forest along 30,994 hectares.

The Panacoma has trails covered by flora throughout the park, and waterfalls that are born in the Río Negro attract the attention of visitors.

In the heights of this park there are cloud forests that are the main conservation ecosystems where various species of beautiful birds reside, among which the chachalaca, pavita, toucan, quetzal, pajuil stand out.

To this are added mammals such as: tacuazín, armadillo or cusuco, tigrillo, oza or weasel, night monkey, tilopo or guisisil, white-tailed deer, jaguilla or mountain pig, among others, which stand out for their special situation in the list of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Currently the Municipal Mayor of Comayagua has installed a visitor center and shelter, to facilitate visitors access to viewpoints to the Valley, 50-meter waterfalls, natural caves, ancient petroglyphs and natural lagoons.

The park is accessible from the north of Comayagua on the highway to La Libertad. In the city of San Jerónomo, turn right onto a dirt road. The detour is marked by a sign. The road is mostly single lane with a few concrete bridges. A four wheel drive vehicle is necessary to successfully navigate the road.

The park is home to many waterfalls. The Gavilán River has a 50-meter drop of water called the Cascada de los Ensueños, which is located at the geographic coordinates of 14 ° 32’57 .65 “N 87 ° 32’36 .17” W near a well-built trail It takes an hour long walk to cover it.

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