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Consulate of Honduras in Seattle, Washington

The Honduran Consulate in Seattle, Washington provides passport issuance and renewal services, registration for the National Identification Document (DNI), as well as Consular Registration, Registration (births, marriages and deaths), authorizations and letters of power.

Comprehensive System of Attention to Honduran Migrants – SIAMIGH@

Phone lines from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • +1(470)751-9077 – From the United States and Canada
  • +504 33337-3887 and +504 3337-2724 – From Honduras and Central America
  • +504 3337-9047 – WhatsApp messages from anywhere in the world

Location of the Honduran Consulate in Seattle, Washington

  • Address: 1107 Grady Way, Renton, Washington, 98057 Suite 100, 98057
  • Phone: (206) 420-0947
  • E-mail:
  • States: Seattle, Washington

Hours of service to the public:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

See location on the Map

Steps to make your Online Consular Appointment
To make the Consular Appointment online, click on this link


The requirements for passport processing are the following:

Main Requirement for Passport Processing:

  1. Valid Honduran identity card.
  2. If you are a woman and you want the married name to appear in your passport, you will present the marriage certificate.
  3. If the application for your passport is due to the fact that it was stolen, damaged or lost, you must file the complaint filed with the police where the event occurred or, failing that, make an Affidavit at the Honduran consulate where you will process your passport. (The Affidavit has a value of US $ 50.00)

Requirements when NOT carrying the Identity Card but that it has been processed in Honduras or Brigades of the National Registry of Persons:

  1. At least one document from Honduras that has your identity number (DIGITAL birth certificate, previous passport, driver’s license, password). * The official will proceed to look for the RNP’s photographic register to be attached to the application.

For NOT having an Identity Card since it has NEVER been processed:

  1. Honduran Digital Birth Certificate.
  2. At least one document from the following list: A. Handwritten expired passport, B. Yellow card, C. Honduran driver’s license, D. Honduras Social Security Card (IHSS), E. Certificate of studies from Honduras ( with or without photo), F. CURRENT residence card, G. CURRENT TPS card.
  3. Affidavit of their parents or, failing that, of a sibling or child. They must present the documentation to verify the family relationship. Same that must be prepared in the corresponding consulate or by Honduran notaries duly authenticated by the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras. The one carried out by a notary of a nationality other than Honduran, must be duly apostilled. The Affidavit must include a recent photograph of the applicant and that document must state that the image corresponds to the citizen requesting the passport.

If the applicant is under 21 years of age, he must submit:

  1. DIGITAL Honduran birth certificate.
  2. Present with both parents duly documented. If one of them is not present, the absent father and / or mother must present an original authorization issued before a notary in Honduras or the nearest Honduran consulate where the absent father or mother is, indicating the name of the person accompanying the minor. The one carried out by a notary of a nationality other than Honduran, must be duly apostilled.
  3. Copy of the identity card (s) or passports of the parents as well as of the person authorized to carry out the procedure.
  4. If one of the parents has died, the interested party must present an original copy of the death certificate issued by the respective authority.
  5. In the case of not knowing the whereabouts of the father or mother, you must present a copy of the judgment of the Court that grants the minor’s parental authority duly authenticated by a Honduran notary. Likewise, it may present an authorization issued by a Competent Judge, which must be legalized or authenticated by the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras. In the event that parental authority is granted to one of the parents or to a third party by an international court, it must be registered before the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras so that it has the corresponding legal value.
  • Passport for 5 years has a value of $ 60.00.
  • Passport for 10 years has a value of $ 75.00.
  • Children under 21 can only process a 5-year passport.
  • Only money orders from Western Union or the post office are accepted.

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