Consulate of Honduras in Boston, Massachusetts

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    Hours of service to the public:
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 am a 3:00 pm

    Check the cost (consular fee) and the requirements to request a passport, identity card, certification, power of attorney or any other document at the Honduran consulates

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    Embassies and Consulates of Honduras in USA

    Consular Appointment Honduras

    Nota: Nuestros consulados ya no reciben llamadas de consulta en sus oficinas individuales. Nuestro call center ALHO VOZ podrá responder todas sus consultas. Adicionalmente, puede ingresar a para hacer una cita en su consulado mas cercano.

    Note: Consulates no longer receive phone calls at their offices. Our specialized call center ALHO voz will attend any calls related to services required form our consulates.
    You may also make an appointment for your passport or other services by visiting


    1. Secretariat of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation
    2. National Institute of Migration of Honduras
    3. Consular and Migration Observatory of Honduras (CONMIGHO)
    4. ALHO VOZ:,
    5. Complaints:,
    6. Processing of passports or other consular services:

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