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Las últimas noticias y sucesos sobre las Elecciones de Honduras 2021 y la política hondureña, partidos poíticos, Comisión Nacional Electoral, Ley Electoral.

List of 45 candidates for the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras

The list is made up of 23 women and 22 men seeking to occupy one of the 15 positions for magistrates of the Honduran Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

Discourse by the President of Honduras Xiomara Castro to the UN General Assembly

5 out of 10 of my compatriots live in extreme poverty, but I am clear that none of these figures impress anyone in the world who today lives under the monetary dictatorship

History of the Liberal Party of Honduras

Learn about the history of the Liberal Party of Honduras since its birth based on the Morazan ideals and the Liberal Reform.