Biography of Francisco Alvarado

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He was born in Juticalpa (1820), he died in Comayagua (1897). Civil servant, diplomat from 1840. Minister of War and Foreign Relations in the Lindo Administration; In the government of Cabañas he was appointed Minister General (1852); Inspector General of the Treasury being President José Santos Guardiola (1860-1862).

Chancellor during the government of José María Medina (1864-1866) (1870-1874); Minister of Finance of the ruler Ponciano Leiva (1875-1876). Deputy in the Bográn administration (he participated as head of the delegation in the Central American Diet held in San Salvador (1889) with the purpose of restoring the Central American union.

In the opinion of Rafael Leiva Vivas, “Francisco Alvarado can be considered a seasoned diplomat in the art of state negotiation. Without having attended any university, he trained alone and became an official with great skills to serve the governments of Francisco Ferrera, Juan Lindo, José Trinidad Cabañas, José Santos Guardiola, Victoriano Castellanos, José María Medina, Ponciano Leiva and Luis Bográn.

Three performances stand out in this diplomatic negotiator. His efforts to deter military operations from an imminent invasion of El Salvador. His performance as a jurist in a dispute between Honduras and England, and his work for the reestablishment of the political unity of Central America, under the National Union pact ”.