Biography of Miguel Antonio Alvarado Ordoñez

He was born in Juticalpa (1895), m. in Tegucigalpa (1977). He graduated as a Teacher from the Escuela Normal de Men in 1919, moving to Guatemala graduating with a Bachelor of Law in 1933.

He left for France where he carried out higher studies at the University of Montpeilier; he also obtained specialties in Colombia and Chile. José C. del Valle National Science Award in 1975.

He has been a professor of Law at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala for 18 years. Also in that country he served as the judiciary. Vice-President of the Council of State during the Head of State Julio Lozano, drafting a draft of the Political Constitution. He is a student of our border problems with El Salvador, serving on the Territorial Studies Commission.

Director of Foro Hondureño Magazine, spokesperson for the Bar Association.