Band of the Supreme Powers

The National Band of Honduras or Band of the Supreme Powers is the first musical institution in the country, founded in 1896 for which the German Master Karl Hartling was hired as organizer and first director ; born with the purpose of covering the formal acts of the three powers of the state, executing the national anthems of the countries of the world with which our country maintains diplomatic relations, in ceremonies such as the delivery of credentials of the Ambassadors to the President of the Republic, among others.

With the passage of time, its activity diversified, its merely artistic value was positioned and its responsibility as an example in the art and culture of Banda music extended nationally and internationally, an example of which is its outstanding participation in events such as such as the Ibero-American Festival of Culture held in the city of Managua, Nicaragua; likewise the Caribbean fair of Puerto Barrios in Izabal, Guatemala.

Throughout its 113 years of existence, the BSP has been attached to different ministries within the state apparatus, such as: the Ministry of Aviation and War, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is currently subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports. It has been present in each of the inaugurations of the different rulers of our nation and in each of the important events in Honduran history; Likewise, it participates in cultural activities of cultural relevance, including the patron saint celebrations of the municipalities around the entire national territory.

The cultural extension program, through Gala, Classical, Didactic Concerts (specially designed according to the academic level, pre-school, primary, secondary, superior), civic parades of national relevance aimed at the national and international population has been one of the of the bastions of the artistic activity of the BSP, since the acceptance and recognition that the institution has received have made it the musical benchmark par excellence throughout the country. Their repertoire consists of Honduran, classical and popular music of almost every genre. In recent years he has shared the stage and performed special ensembles with well-known Honduran artists such as: Guillermo Anderson, Aurelio Martínez, National Folkloric Dance Group «Yax Kuk Mo», Marimba Alma from Honduras, among others.

For 5 years, a cooperation program has been maintained with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Said agreement consists of a technical-musical training in charge of experienced musical directors from Japan, initiated by Master Yukikazu Sato, followed by Master Sachiro Nakano and currently Master Tadashi Nagatomi. In addition, he has successfully carried out the Musical Interpretation Workshop focused on Jazz and Latin Jazz under the auspices of the American Embassy and in charge of the Cultural Envoy Luis Bonilla; Similarly, the Classical Music Interpretation Workshop by Dr. Maureen Horgan.

113 years of history speak for themselves, the Band of the Supreme Powers is an integral part of the History of our Country and continues to do so, to the extent of being recognized by the National Congress of the Republic as Cultural Heritage of the Nation. For this reason, from its beginnings until today, it is the National and Official Band of the Republic of Honduras.