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Hymn to José Trinidad Cabañas

Like martial bugles of gold
and bursts of hoarse cannons,
Let’s sing a sonorous song
to the bayard of our legions.

To the one who knew how to trace paths
through steep mountains graceful
the one who was absorbed by the pines
still defeated, emerge victorious.

Glory, glory to the undefeated Cabañas
grandiose Symbolism Of Honor,
with his sword he carved in the mountains
the legend of heroic courage.

His deity was proud in war
and in peace, without equal bliss;
she was laurel and olive tree on earth
and in the fanal history of virtue.

Today the country treasures his name as
gem of its intense brilliance;
our proud people adore him
and gives him laurels of love.

Because he was such an egregious soldier
as a noble patriot too
pure hands carried by honored
with his glory to seraphic Eden.

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