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Biography of Anacleto Bendaña

Anacleto Bendaña Montoya was born in Honduras in 1790, he was a soldier and politician of conservative inclination, Head of State of Honduras from September 13 to October 24, 1827. He was also known as «Cleto» Bendaña.

On March 7, 1827, General José Justo Milla in command of the Central American federal troops received orders from Manuel José de Arce y Fagoaga to advance on Comayagua, eliminate the Honduran government of Dionisio de Herrera, persecute his friends and give protection to their adversaries.

On May 10, Herrera was overthrown, and sent to Guatemala for arrest; Milla took over the head of state and temporarily appointed General «Cleto» Bendaña as his successor, from September 13 to October 24, and Mr. Juan Lindo was appointed as president of the Legislative Assembly and as secretaries to the Messrs. Teodosio Avilés and Ciriaco Velásquez; For his part, General Milla Pineda would look for General Francisco Morazán within Honduran territory and whom he would face on November 11 of the same year in the Battle of La Trinidad, from which Milla Pineda would be defeated and exiled.

At that time, José Jerónimo Zelaya Fiallos was in the administration of the head of state of Honduras, since «Cleto» Bendaña would hand it over on October 24, 1827 to Miguel Eusebio Bustamante, and then José Zelaya was appointed.

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