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Song Así Te Amo Yo Honduras – Shirley Paz

Song tribute to Honduras, with the participation of Honduran artists and musicians. Singing and playing various musical instruments throughout the national territory, marking important tourist destinations.

Composition inspired by the beauty of the Honduran territory, which our destinations, parks, mountains, beaches, towns and cities have. As well as a love poem in lyrics inspired by love for Honduras , and the infatuation that he acquires when he gets to know her.

Lyrics and music of the song «Así Te Amo Yo Honduras»

Composition by Shirley Paz

God bless the bountiful land where I was born,
I don’t know, if in another place the Moon looks like this.
With your taste, I fell in love,
With your color to brown.

You have the charm of a flower to discover,
Exotic beauty
A mystery to feel.
You are marked in my heart,
My source of inspiration.

Bella is my land, ha ha!
She is the one that shakes everything inside me.
Bella is my land, ha ha!
For its people and for its people Honduras is.
So I love you,
So I miss you,
As when the morning waits for the Sun.

You are the most beautiful and I am proud of you, You
paint nostalgia on an April afternoon.
You have everything I love here,
A Country Treasure.

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