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List of Banks and Financial Institutions in Honduras

Honduras has one of the most solid and stable financial systems in the Central American region, with two government entities that regulate it, the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) and the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS), which brings together 15 associated commercial banks through the Honduran Association of Banking Institutions (AHIBA) and insurance institutions, pension funds and financial companies.

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Headquarters of the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) in Comayagüela, Honduras.

The Honduran Financial System is constituted as follows:

Commercial Banks

  1. Banco de Honduras S.A.
  2. Banco Atlántida S.A. (Primer Banco de Honduras)
  3. Banco de Occidente S.A. (Segundo Banco de Honduras)
  4. Banco de Los Trabajadores
  5. Banco Financiera Centroamericana S.A. (FICENSA)
  6. Banco Hondureño del Café S.A. (BANHCAFE)
  7. Banco del País S.A.
  8. Banco Financiera Comercial Hondureña S.A. (FICOHSA)
  9. Banco Lafise Honduras  S.A.
  10. Banco Davivienda Honduras S.A.
  11. Banco Promérica S.A.
  12. Banco de Desarrollo Rural Honduras S.A.
  13. Banco Azteca de Honduras S.A.
  14. Banco Popular S.A.
  15. Banco de América Central Honduras S.A. – Bac | Honduras

State Banks

Second Floor Banking

Insurance Institutions

Pension Funds – Public and Private

Financial Companies

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