July 14 – Honduran Day

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  • In memory of the anniversary of the conflict between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969, better known as “The Soccer War”, every July 14 is celebrated the Honduran Day.

    The Soccer War, also called the War of 100 Hours and in El Salvador as the War of Legitimate Defense, occurred between July 14 and 18, 1969.

    The name of the conflict was taken due to the coincidence with a soccer match that on June 26, 1969 faced the national teams of El Salvador and Honduras, on the occasion of the qualification for the 1970 Soccer World Cup.

    The name was coined by the Polish reporter Ryszard Kapuściński and the Jamaican reporter Bob Dickens, who were unaware of the real causes that led to the conflict between the two Central American republics.

    During this war, the political tensions that led to the armed conflict in Honduras and El Salvador were evident. It was a brief war lasting just four days, and both sides used fighter jets that were remarkably outdated for the time.

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