October 13 – American Culture Day

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  • AGREEMENT No 223

    Tegucigalpa, September 2, 1953.

    CONSIDERING: That culture is the strongest and most characteristic bond between all the American Peoples and that it would be the highest tribute to the spirit of America, the consignment of one day of the year to pay tribute to their culture.


    Article 1.- Celebrate each year on October 13 as AMERICAN CULTURE DAY and pay tribute of recognition and admiration to the work done by the Honduran thinker José Cecilio del Valle.

    Article 2.- Transcribe this agreement to the Ministry of Foreign Relations with a careful request to make it known to the Association of American Writers and Artists, based in the city of Havana, Republic of Cuba.


    Juán Manuel Gálvez

    Julio Palacios
    Secretary of State.

    Office of Public Education.

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