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Municipality of Humuya

Humuya is a municipality in the department of Comayagua in Honduras.

The origin of the name given to the municipality and also to the head of the municipality, Humuya, comes from Omoyan (Mesoamerican language), which means «place of two waters».

In the beginning, it was a village of Australian or Aboriginal natives entrusted by Francisco Vargas, with 24 tributaries. Until January 26, 1897, the village of Tambla was converted into the municipality of Humuya, when Policarpo Bonilla was the president of Honduras.


Humuya is located in the upper part of the «tail» of the Comayagua department, but not at the tip. This municipality is surrounded by three hills: Naranjo, El Cacalote, and Los Cerritos.


Humuya has exactly 3 villages and 22 hamlets as of 2015. The municipal seat, Humuya, is located approximately between the northeastern tip and the center of the municipality.

Agriculture and Livestock

The main agricultural products in the municipality are basic grains and pumpkins.

The main livestock in this municipality are mainly cattle, horses, pigs, and chickens.


For education, this municipality has 2 education centers, 2 kindergartens, and 4 primary education centers. For transportation, this municipality primarily uses buses and cars.

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