Municipality of San Francisco de la Paz

San Francisco de la Paz is a municipality in the department of Olancho in Honduras.

The original name of the town was San Francisco Zapata, Bishop Francisco de Paula Campoy y Pérez having changed it to the one it currently bears, in 1829 the town was divided into two parts, the North part which was occupied by Ladinos and the South part by the Indians.

In the municipal hall there is a marble slab placed on January 21, 1930 in commemoration of the first centenary of the famous capitulation of «Las Vueltas del Ocote», with this legend, Vini, Vidi‐Vinci, Francisco Morazán January 21, 1830 , in the Territorial Political Division 1889 was a municipality of the Manto District.


The municipality borders to the north with the municipality of Gualaco, to the south with the city called Juticalpa, to the east with the municipality of Santa María del Real and to the west with the municipalities of Manto and Guarizama.


  • The Carrizal
  • The Guapinol
  • The Nance
  • Ocotal
  • The Pedregal
  • Guacoca
  • The cross
  • Irrigation
  • San Agustin
  • Saint Ana
  • Tilapapa
  • Broken the Danto
  • Guachipilin