September 17 – Honduran Teacher’s Day

Municipality of Santa Lucia

It is a municipality in the department of Francisco Morazán, in the Republic of Honduras.

Historically, it was linked to the Real de Minas de Tegucigalpa since the 16th century when the local deposits were exploited. It was granted municipality status on November 12, 1820. In the political division of 1889, it is listed as part of the Tegucigalpa department (now Francisco Morazán).

General Information about Santa Lucía

Origin of its name: In honor of its patron saint, Santa Lucía.

  • Territorial area: 65.03 km2
  • Population: 7,735 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: November 12, 1820
  • Patron Saint Celebration: December 13th, in honor of Santa Lucía, and from January 13th to 17th in honor of the Black Christ.
  • Villages and hamlets: 6 villages and 37 hamlets.
  • Elevation: 1400 meters above sea level.
  • Climate: Low rainfall with a dry winter.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of staple crops, coffee, fruits, and vegetables; raising of cattle, horses, and pigs; poultry farming.


  • Health: 2 CESAR.
  • Education: 13 primary education centers, 11 pre-primary education centers, and 1 secondary education center.
  • Communication Network: Paved roads, Hondutel telephone service, mobile phone coverage.


Located a few kilometers from the capital, nestled in the Cantagallo mountain.


  • North: municipality of Distrito Central;
  • South: municipality of Distrito Central;
  • East: municipality of Valle de Angeles;
  • West: municipality of Distrito Central.