Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park

It is located between the Francisco Morazán Hydroelectric Company (El Cajón) and the Yojoa Lake; encompassing part of the municipalities of Siguatepeque, Meámbar and Taulabé in the department of Cortés, it was declared a National Park in 1987.

Cerro Azul Meámbar has a buffer area of 478 km2, which rises from 415 meters to 2080 meters above sea level. The Park contains a great biodiversity of species and ecosystems due to its different elevation ranges including tropical rain forest, pine forest, and cloud forest.

From different points of the park you can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Yojoa, and the Sula Valley in the distance. To access the Park, take the detour at La Guama through a dirt road and continue climbing until you reach the “Los Pinos” Visitor Center.

The Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park is of great importance for the communities surrounding it; water and electricity are the most important reasons. These water reserves guarantee a constant supply of water to nearby towns and it also has the Francisco Morázan hydroelectric dam, the largest in the country.

Approximately 60% of the water production of the Azul Meámbar feeds the basin of this reservoir by 30%; as well as, it is fed by the Yojoa Lake Basin and another hydroelectric dam located near the Lake.

The remaining 10% supplies water to the communities surrounding the National Park. More than 170 species of birds are found in the Park. During their visit to Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park, many have compared it to a small Garden of Eden.

The landscape is adorned by numerous waterfalls and waterfalls that decorate the panorama with their presence. The Visitor Center “Los Pinos” is a place that has cabins provided with cabins with bedding necessary to spend the night. The cabins are made of concrete and have washable toilets and showers with cold water.

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