September 17 – Honduran Teacher’s Day

Biography of Napoleon Acevedo Granados

He was born in Campamento (1934). He started working for Standard Fruit Co. in 1956, joining the labor movement and affiliating with the Workers’ Union of that transnational company, then known as SITRASFRUCO.

Gradually, he rose to the rank of labor leader, already serving in 1963 as Prosecutor of the sub-section of the Independent Port Railway Union (SIFFA) in the banana field of Guanacaste, Colón. That same year, he became Prosecutor of Section No. 2 of SIFFA representing all the dependent sub-sections of this union in Isletas.

In May of that year, the classist current of SITRASFRUCO, led by Héctor Acosta Romero, mass-resigned from SITRASFRUCO, which had come under the control of a sector of pro-employer leaders. He was part of the commission that laid the foundations for labor unity, which culminated in the emergence of the Unified Union of Workers of Standard Fruit Co. (SUTRASFCO). He held various leadership positions in SUTRASFCO until he became President of the Board of Directors from July 1961 to March 1977, when the Union was militarily intervened by troops from the 4th Infantry Battalion, under the command of then Colonel Gustavo Álvarez Martínez.

He was the founder and President of the Unitary Federation of Honduran Workers (FUTH) from April 1981 to June 1985, and the founder and President of the Coordinating Committee of Popular Organizations (CCOP). From 1982 to 1985, he was a full member of the General Council of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). When the Advisory Council of the Chief of State was created in March 1976, he became a full member and was part of the commission on National Banana Policy. He also participated in the drafting of the Electoral Law and Political Organizations, which is currently in effect.