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Cayos Misquitos National Marine Park

It is a set of approximately 130 small islands, cays and rocks surrounded by coral reefs on the continental shelf and shallow off the Miskito coast.

Among the largest and most well-known keys we have: Cayos Cajones y Hobbies, Cayos Pichones, Cayos Caratatasca, Cayos Becerros, Cayos Vivorillos, Cayos Cocorucuma, Cayos Gorda, Banco del Cabo Falso, Arrecife de la Media Luna, Logwood Cay, Cayo Media Luna, Bobel Cay and South Cays Major of Cabo Falso and the banks of Salmedina, Providencia, Rosalinda and Serranilla, all these Cays are disabled and are only visited by the crews of the shrimp and lobster boats during the day after their tasks.

The keys are famous for their refuge for an impressive number of seabirds, many of which nest there. Even though its reefs are not spectacular, if we compare them with those of Roatán, it does preserve a large number of species that have disappeared from the larger islands due to over-exploitation, such as snail and lobster.

One of the first marine mammals known to have become extinct from the Central American Caribbean Coast is the Monk Seal (Monachus tropicalis) that visited the Keys and Islands of the Gulf of Honduras.

In 1952 a few small herds were discovered from the Serranilla banks, after that year they have not been reported or observed again. The hawksbill turtle that lives and feeds around these keys and spawns on their isolated beaches, is a species strongly threatened by the trafficking of its shell. Biosphere Reserve.

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