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Biography of José Jerónimo Zelaya Fiallos

Written on: 12 de October de 2021 - Updated on: 12 October, 2021 - by: - in: Biographies of Honduras
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  • José Jerónimo de Zelaya Fiallos, was born in February 1780 and died on April 5, 1869 in the town of Tegucigalpa. He was a conservative-minded military and politician and head of state of Honduras between October 30 and November 27, 1827.

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    His parents were Juan José Zelaya Midence and María de la Rosa Fiallos Peña y Castejón; his siblings include Bárbara Zelaya Fiallos (Juan Lindo’s mother).

    In 1807, he married Joaquina Josefa de Zelaya Vidaúrre in Guatemala with whom he procreated Lorenzo Zelaya Zelaya.

    Political career

    He began his political life in 1820, when he was appointed provincial deputy for Gracias (he lasted a year in office, until 1821). In 1824 he was appointed deputy to the Federal Congress.

    Head of State

    On September 13, 1827 he was appointed head of state by the Congress summoned by Lieutenant Colonel José Justo Milla. His government was provisional because of the political and social difficulties existing in the nation. His government was recognized only by the Municipality of Santa Bárbara, where he served his brief mandate.

    Consequently, in Comayagua, the seat of the Honduran capital, he was the Vice Chief of State for Mr. Miguel Eusebio Bustamante.

    After the defeat of Justo Milla in November 1827 in the Battle of La Trinidad, at the hands of General Francisco Morazán, the Headquarters was claimed by him in Tegucigalpa, then General José Jerónimo Zelaya Fiallos handed over absolute ownership to him through Bustamante.

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