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Song – El Bananero

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Lyrics: Lidia Handal

I’m arriving with my cart
From just over there, from Guaruma Dos,
With my cart being pulled along
By my four oxen, trusting in God;
I’m arriving with my little load
To sell here in the city,
That’s why I always arrive singing
My joyful song of the banana plantation.

I’m proclaiming with my load
The green gold because I’m a banana farmer,
I’m very happy with my load
While I gaze in awe at the outsider;
Bananero, ay! I’m a bananero,
I’m already moving away, ay! I’m leaving soon;
And the wind carries away my cheerful proclamation
And it shouts at me in an instant, Bananero,
And my poor load is depleted
And my sack fills up with money.

I’m no longer a bananero,
I’m moving away, I’m leaving now.

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