Biography of the chief Lempira

Lempira was a war captain of the Lencas who fought against the Spanish during the 1530s, during the Spanish conquest.

On July 20 the national day of Lempira is celebrated. In schools, dramatic representations of Lempira’s death are made, and the “pretty Indian” is chosen in a beauty contest in which girls dress as indigenous.

Job Boards in Honduras

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Geographical Regions of Honduras

Geographical Regions of Honduras

Honduras has six geographic regions. Western, north-western, north-eastern, western central, eastern central and southern regions.

List of Municipalities of Honduras

Municipalities of Honduras

Honduras is politically divided into 18 departments and 298 municipalities as well as 3,731 villages, and these in 27,969 hamlets.

Protected Areas and Parks of Honduras

Protected Areas and Parks of Honduras

Honduras has a natural wealth and a well-varied Biodiversity where you can find mountains, valleys and beaches in both seas.

History of Honduras

List of Presidents of Honduras

Presidents of Honduras

The President of Honduras is the head of state and government of the nation, he is officially identified as the Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras in accordance with the provisions of the 1982 Honduran Constitution.

History of the Currency in Honduras

History of the Currency in Honduras

From the pre-Columbian period where the barter system was used to the use of notes and coins today.

History of the Declaration of Independence of Honduras

History of the Declaration of Independence of Honduras

Two days before September 15, an email arrived in Guatemala from Tuxtla, Comitán, Ciudad Real and Chiapas, in which copies of the acts by which these peoples joined the Plan of Iguala were sent.

Proceres of Honduras

Honduras has in the memory of history the feats of great men, who were an example of dedication, courage and love for the country.

Each year as the national celebrations approach, they are remembered so that present and future generations will be inspired and learn from their love for Honduras.

Banderas Honduras

La Bandera Nacional de Honduras

It was created by Legislative Decree No. 7, in the city of Comayagua on March 6, 1866.

Know the protocol and use, as well as its meaning, oath, how to fold and duties towards the National Pavilion of Honduras.

Academic Calendar – UNAH 2020

This is the Calendar of student activities of the National Autonomous University of Honduras for 2020 . Academic year that will be called “José Trinidad Reyes Sevilla

Steps for the Admission Process – UNAH 2020