National Heroes and National Symbols of Honduras

October 3 – Soldier’s Day

In the year 1942, to commemorate the merit of the homeland and the heroic defenders of the nation, the anniversary of the birth of General Francisco Morazán was declared Honduran Soldier’s Day.

Tourism and Travel Guide for Honduras

ACTIVITIES: Adventure :: Archeology :: Birdwatching :: Diving :: Cultural :: Nature :: Sun and Beach

Fortaleza San Fernando de Omoa

Tourism in the Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa

The Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa is, perhaps, the best-known historical place in Omoa.

It is the largest fort in all of Central America and is the second largest in all of America.

Civic Calendar of Honduras

Events, festivities and anniversaries throughout the year 2022. Days that remember events, historical dates and important achievements for the country.

List and lyrics of folk or costumbrista songs that are an important part of the musical culture of our Honduras.

Folk Dances of Honduras

Honduras has two cultural areas: a peasant area of indigenous/mestizo and Afro-Caribbean origin; each one representative in its folklore.

National Heroes and National Symbols of Honduras

Honduras counts in the memory of history with the exploits of great men, who although not perfect, were an example of dedication, courage and love for the country.

Every year when the national celebrations approach in the month of September, they are remembered with the purpose that present and future generations be inspired and learn from their national love for Honduras.

Bandera Nacional de Honduras

History of the National Flag of Honduras

It was created by Legislative Decree No. 7, in the city of Comayagua on March 6, 1866.

Know the protocol and use, as well as its meaning, oath, how to turn and duties towards the National Pavilion of Honduras.

Where does the name Honduras come from?

The name of Honduras was given by Bartolomé de las Casas in his search for the West Indies, it speaks of the land of Hondure.
It is difficult to say where the name of Honduras comes from, there are several theories about it that we will share below with the hope of finding the one, which from reason to now, established the emblematic name of our nation.

Ethnic Groups of Honduras

Honduras being a multi-ethnic country and counts among its living culture the Pesh, Tawahkas, Lencas, Tolupanes, Chortís, Garífunas and Miskitos.

These groups are part of history, which despite economic and geopolitical changes have maintained their way of life and vision of the world.

Conoce las Etnias de Honduras - Grupos indígenas existentes en Honduras

History of Honduras

Governors and Presidents of Honduras

The President of Honduras is the head of state and government of the nation, he is officially identified as the Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras in accordance with the provisions of the 1982 Honduran Constitution.

History of Currency in Honduras

From the pre-Columbian period where the barter system was used to the use of bills and coins today.

History about the National Stadium of Honduras

This stadium was inaugurated on March 15, 1948 with a baseball match between the squads of Honduras and the Republic of Cuba.