Consular Section of Honduras in Madrid, Spain

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    The Consulate General of Honduras will provide information that allows them to carry out their procedures with the least possible difficulty, as well as provide protection to our compatriots and their interests abroad.

    Table of Contents

    General Information

    Hours of service to the public:
    Monday to Friday 9:00 am a 2:00 pm

    See location on the Map

    Consular Protection

    Alho Voz

    The General Directorate of Consular Affairs is pleased to inform all Honduran compatriots residing in Spain that 2 telephone lines have been enabled so that Hondurans residing in Spain can communicate to the “ALHO VOZ” call center where they will be answered. consultations related to consular, immigration and protection issues.

    The telephone numbers are as follows:

    Calls made from cell phones or landlines in Spain will have no cost for compatriots who use this service.


    Repatriation is the return of a person to their homeland or country of origin.

    Hondurans may request repatriation:

    Voluntary return

    We provide guidance in the cases of Hondurans residing in Catalonia and its surroundings who, because of being in a situation of social and economic vulnerability, want to return to Honduras. For this we refer them to the YMCA Immigrant Voluntary Return Program.

    This program is financed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, through the General Secretary for Immigration and Emigration, General Directorate of Migration.

    The beneficiary obtains an airplane ticket that allows him to travel to an airport close to his final destination and other types of aid.

    YMCA is located in Barcelona, Calle Jaen 7-15, Metro L3 Fontana stop.

    For better information you can call the YMCA at 932 853 475 or contact the Consulate of Honduras in Barcelona at 932 373 171.

    Child Protection

    Aimed at minors who are in a state of social and economic vulnerability, and who therefore lack the financial means to continue their residence outside of Honduras, as well as the protection or care of their relatives, finding themselves in a situation of risk.

    Arrests and Expulsions

    The cases of Initiation of Expulsion or Detention are referred to a lawyer advising on immigration issues to file the necessary resources to ensure the positive resolution of the file, and thus ensure the permanence of the Honduran in Catalonia and its surroundings or the respective placement in freedom as the case may be.


    Frequent questions

    Will they give me the new passport on the day of the appointment?

    No, the Passport will be sent by courier to your home if you live in the surroundings of Barcelona and for those who reside in Barcelona they will be called to come by our offices to collect your Passport.

    Do I have to present the legalized birth certificate with the Hague Apostille to carry out the passport process?

    No, it is not necessary to present an original Birth Certificate with Apostille or Authentic. An original birth certificate is sufficient.

    Will the Consulate keep my original identity card or birth certificate on the day of the appointment?

    The Consulate will not keep your original birth certificate or identity card. All original documents are returned.

    Can the validity of a passport be renewed or extended?

    No, there is no longer passport renewal, and its validity cannot be extended by sealing it. If your passport has expired or is about to expire, you must apply for a new one.

    How long in advance can I request a new passport?

    6 months before the expiration of your passport.

    How to homologate a college or university degree?

    This is a Spanish procedure which you must request information from this institution in Spain:
    Barcelona Education Consortium: Plaza Urquinaona Nº6. Telephone 93 551 10 00
    and Territorial Services in Barcelona Counties: Calle Casp Nº15, Planta Baja. Telephone 93 418 60 00 (For non-university degrees).

    Can I process a Birth Certificate or Identity Card at the Consulate?

    The Birth Certificate Apostilled or without apostille can only be processed in Honduras, it is the National Registry of Persons (RNP) to whom said document is responsible in Tegucigalpa. 
    The Honduras Identity Card can only be processed in Honduras, it is the RNP who is responsible for said document in Tegucigalpa.

    Can I process my criminal record through or at the consulate?

    The criminal record must be processed in Honduras, in the courts, here in Spain they ask for an apostille, so request it in Honduras, since Honduran documents are only apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tegucigalpa

    How to get to the Consulate by public transport?

    The closest metro stop is the lines L3 (green line) and L5 (blue line) is Diagonal, but the public transport that leaves it in front of the consulate is the transport of Ferrocarriles Catalanes de la Generalitat FGC stop gracia, these railways They leave from Plaza Catalunya or you can change on the Diagonal metro just look for the Provenca railway stop there and get off at the Gracia stop

    How long does it take to process the passport?

    The data capture process at the Consulate takes between 20 and 30 minutes. The data is sent to Honduras, and the passport is printed there. You will have the passport in your hands in approximately 4 weeks from the day of your appointment.

    Consular Appointment Honduras

    Note: Our consulates no longer receive inquiry calls at their individual offices. Our ALHO VOZ call center will be able to answer all your questions. Additionally, you can enter to make an appointment at your nearest consulate.

    Note: Consulates no longer receive phone calls at their offices. Our specialized call center ALHO voz will attend any calls related to services required form our consulates.
    You may also make an appointment for your passport or other services by visiting


    1. Secretariat of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation
    2. National Institute of Migration of Honduras
    3. Consular and Migration Observatory of Honduras (CONMIGHO)
    4. ALHO VOZ:,
    5. Complaints:,
    6. Processing of passports or other consular services:

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