April 12 – Honduran Black Ethnicity Day

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  • The members of the Garífuna ethnic group celebrate every April 12, the anniversary of their arrival in Honduras.

    In the government of Carlos Roberto Reina,  through Legislative Decree number 70-96, 1997 is declared the year of the  Garifuna Bicentennial and on April 12 of each year,  from 1997, Day of the Black Ethnicity of Honduras.

    Decree 70 – 96 is the first Law that recognizes the Black presence in national life, thus creating an important space for participation that helps to remove the Honduran Community of African descent from historical invisibility.

    According to historical notes, the first blacks arrived in Honduras on April 12, 1797, as slaves brought from the island of San Vicente.

    Then, they settled in the community of Punta Gorda, on the island of Roatán, in the Honduran Caribbean, and later they dispersed along the entire coast to form what are now 36 Garífuna peoples.

    As part of the commemoration, in April the Garífuna celebrate “African Heritage Month” with various activities throughout the month of April.

    April 12 - Honduran Black Ethnicity Day
    Every April 12, the Bicentennial of the arrival of the Garífuna ethnic group to Honduras is commemorated.
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