Mother’s Day in Honduras

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  • The Mother’s Day is celebrated in Honduras 2nd Sunday of May. A very special day where the Honduran population shows their appreciation and affection for Honduran mothers.

    In schools, children make crafts to give to their mothers, where they are also taught the  Hymn to the Honduran Mother.

    Decree creating “Mother’s Day”

    Decree Number 32


    CONSIDERING: That it is a duty of the State to sponsor any initiative that tends to stimulate the moralizing feeling that it is showing Honduran women:

    CONSIDERING: That the institution of “MOTHER’S DAY” throughout the Republic must bring healthy consequences of considerable moral value, because the time that must be devoted to it must invariably strengthen the ties of the Honduran people:

    THEREFORE: and in use of the power conferred by Article 92, Fifth Attribution of the Political Constitution,


    Article 1  The “MOTHER’S DAY” is instituted in Honduras, the official celebration of which shall take place on the second Sunday of May of each year.

    Article 2  The Executive Power is empowered to make the regulations that are necessary for the greater solemnity of the EIS here instituted.

    Article 3  This Decree shall take effect from the day of its promulgation.

    Given in Tegucigalpa, in the Sessions Hall, on the twenty-fourth day of the month of January, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven.

    Tiburcio Carías, President 
    Antonio C. Rivera, Secretary. 
    J. Albir, Secretary.

    To the Executive Power. – So run.

    Tegucigalpa, January 25, 1927.

    Secretary of State in the Offices of the Interior, Justice and Health.

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