April 14 – Day of the Americas

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  • The Day of the Americas  is an annual celebration that takes place on April 14 in all the American republics, as a symbol of their sovereignty and of their voluntary union in a continental community. Every year, whether by presidential or legislative enactment, this anniversary is commemorated in cities, towns and communities.

    The first Day of the Americas was celebrated throughout the American continent in 1931. April 14 was chosen because it was the date in 1890 on which, through a resolution of the First International American Conference (held in the District of Columbia, between October 1889 and April 1890), the Union of the American Republics and its permanent secretariat , the Commercial Office of the American Republics, were created. These gave way to the Pan American Union and finally to the current Organization of American States (OAS) in 1948.

    Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti declared April 14 as a national holiday. In these and other nations of the then Pan American Union there were diplomatic receptions, public and civil celebrations, school programs and a large number of proclamations promoting the principles of Pan Americanism.

    One of those statements assured that in the spirit of Pan-Americanism, the nations of America could

    reaffirm the ideals of peace and continental solidarity that all profess, strengthen their natural and historical ties, and recall the common interests and aspirations that make the countries of the hemisphere a center of positive influence in the universal movement in favor of peace, justice and the law among the nations.

    Anthem of the Americas

    This hymn is usually sung during the celebrations of this day; his lyrics are attributed to Rodolfo Sciamarella. It has several versions, the differences are in the verses in which the countries are listed. The best known version, cited below, is the one that excludes Cuba, since this country was expelled from the OAS between 1962 and 2009.

    A song of friendship, of good neighborliness,
    united will have us eternally.
    For our freedom, for our loyalty
    we must live gloriously.

    A symbol of peace, it will illuminate the life
    of the entire American continent.
    Strength of optimism, strength of brotherhood
    will be this song of good neighborliness.

    Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia,
    Colombia, Chile and Ecuador,
    Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela,
    Guatemala and El Salvador,
    Costa Rica, Haiti, Nicaragua,
    Honduras and Panama,
    North America, Mexico and Peru,
    Santo Domingo and Canada.

    They are brothers sovereign freedom!
    They are brothers sovereign freedom!

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