June 1 – World Milk Day

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    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) proclaimed June 1 – World Milk Day.

    Many countries have commemorated World Milk Day since June 1, 2001, when it was first celebrated, and the number is increasing.

    Data on milk production in Honduras

    In Honduras, milk is part of the traditional Honduran diet, and its production ranges between 700 to 800 thousand liters per day, according to data from the VI National Milk Congress in Choluteca in 2018.

    The country’s dairy sector has registered an increase of 5 percent a year with a reduction in the trade balance deficit of up to 70 million dollars.

    The Honduran Association of Milk Processors (Ahproleche) establishes that per capita consumption is 136 liters per year, about 11.3 liters per month. Of these, 11 liters are of fluid milk, the rest in cheeses.

    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommends a consumption of at least 190 liters of milk and its derivatives per person per year.

    Figures establish that the export of the dairy sector is around 27 million dollars , about 12 thousand tons in fluid milk and 5 thousand 300 tons in cheese , especially to El Salvador and Guatemala.

    Why celebrate June 1 as World Milk Day?

    Because it gives us the opportunity to focus all our attention on milk, publicizing the related activities that are carried out throughout the dairy sector. Many countries have chosen to celebrate it on the same day, which allows activities carried out at the national level to take on a global dimension and also give milk a universal profile.

    Where did it start?

    At FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), who was asked to propose a date on which all issues related to milk could be celebrated.

    Why June 1?

    Many countries already celebrated this event around June 1. Originally a date was also managed towards the end of May, but some countries, such as China, already had a calendar full of other commemorations. In fact, some countries have chosen dates a week before or after June 1.

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