National Family Week

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  • It was the president Dr. Carlos Roberto Reina, who issued an executive decree by means of which the last week of August was designated as Family Week and instructed so that in the different dependencies of the State and in the national educational system The time and resources necessary will be dedicated to exalting Honduran families and reflecting on the need for their promotion and protection.

    The initiative was very well received in the different churches and, in particular, in the Catholic Church the entire month of August was declared as Marriage and Family Month since then. 

    The family has been and will continue to be the natural environment to be born, grow up and die, the best place to become a person, the best environment to acquire values and exercise the essential ethical habits.    

    The United Nations Organization designated 1994 as the International Year of the Family in order to highlight the imponderable contributions that the family institution provides in the formation of citizens and, in general, in the harmonious shaping of social life.

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