October 27 – Honduran Doctor’s Day

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  • October 27 is the Honduran Doctor’s Day, a date to pay tribute to the work carried out by medical professionals in whose hands is the power to save lives.

    The date was established  in honor of the creation of the Medical College of Honduras, which took place on October 27, 1962, during the seventh National Assembly of the “Honduran Medical Union.”

    This motion was presented on July 11, 1972, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the creation of the CMH, by doctors Carlos Godoy Arteaga and Jacobo Santos Alvarado, president and secretary of the board at that time.

    It is presented “to exalt before the national conscience the practice of Medicine and to give recognition to the doctors who have practiced the profession with honesty, strict adherence to ethics, respect for the Compulsory Professional Association Law and a high spirit of service to the community”

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