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National School Snack Day

It is celebrated in the month of July. In Honduras, the school feeding program began in 1998, during the government of Carlos Roberto Flores Facussé, with the aim of improving the quality of life for school-age children, reducing malnutrition rates, absenteeism, and dropout rates, and increasing enrollment in educational centers.

The National Congress of Honduras unanimously approved the School Feeding Law on October 7, 2016, to guarantee access to healthy, safe, and nutritious meals for children in public schools throughout the country.

The school feeding law initiative, presented in the National Congress by the coordinator of the Parliamentary Front Against Hunger of Honduras, Yadira Bendaña, contributes to strengthening the nutritional food security of children.

With the approval of the law, the School Feeding Program implemented by the Secretariat of Development and Social Inclusion (SEDIS) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) is institutionalized with financial independence, it was emphasized.

Honduras joins Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay as Latin American countries that have specific laws on school feeding.

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