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Municipality of La Trinidad

La Trinidad is a municipality in the department of Comayagua in Honduras.

The origin of the name given to the municipality, La Trinidad, comes in honor of the Holy Trinity.

The history of this municipality is very uncertain. It is not known exactly when it was founded, but it is known that it was granted the title of municipality in 1880. Additionally, it is known that this municipality was previously called Trinidad de las Cuevas.

In 1896, it appears as a municipality in the Rosario district.


The municipality is located in the heart of the Comayagua department. It is surrounded by the Calichón and Grande hills. To the north is the Quebrada del Rancho, and to the south is the Guare River.

Agriculture and Livestock

Among the main agricultural products are basic grains, corn, beans, pineapple, and bananas.
The primary livestock in the municipality includes chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cattle, horses, and pigs.


La Trinidad has exactly 5 villages and 24 hamlets as of 2009. The municipal seat, La Trinidad, is located in the center of the municipality.

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