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Municipality of Limon

The municipality of Limon belongs to the department of Colon.

In the 1887 population census, it appeared as a village of Trujillo. It was part of the town of Aguán in the Iriona district. On November 17, 1917, a request was made to create the municipality of Limón, which included the villages of El Limón, Limoncito, and Francia. The request was resolved during the administration of President Francisco Bertrand and Minister of Governance Francisco Mejía.

General Information of Limón Municipality

Origin of its name: It was named after the abundance of lemon trees found in the area.

  • Territorial area: 598.02 km2
  • Population: 11,132 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: November 17, 1917
  • Patronal festival: December 8, feast day of the Virgin of the Conception
  • Villages and hamlets: 8 villages and 45 hamlets
  • Altitude: 3 meters above sea level

Principal economic activity

Cultivation of banana, plantain, African palm, tobacco, sugarcane, vegetables, and basic grains; breeding of cattle, pigs, horses, and sheep; poultry farming.


  • Health: 2 CESAR (Health Centers), 1 CESAMO (Departmental Hospital), 1 community hospital
  • Educational: 2 middle schools, 3 basic schools from first to ninth grade, 32 primary schools, and 20 kindergartens


Its main town is located in the coastal plain of the Caribbean near the mouth of the Limón River.


  • North: Caribbean Sea
  • South: Municipality of Iriona
  • East: Municipality of Iriona
  • West: Municipalities of Santa Rosa de Aguán and Bonito Oriental

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