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Municipality of San Antonio del Norte

The municipality of San Antonio del Norte belongs to the Department of La Paz.

Its origins date back to 1739 when it was already known as San Antonio de Padua, according to a property title that was sold to the convent of Our Lady of Las Mercedes in Comayagua. In Antonio Vallejo’s 1889 statistical yearbook, it is listed as a municipality in the department of Comayagua with its current name.

General Data of San Antonio del Norte

Origin of its name: It has a religious-geographical composition.

  • Territorial area: 77.60 km2
  • Population: 2671 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: 1889
  • Patronal festival: February 2nd, day of the Virgin of Candelaria; June 13th in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua.
  • Villages and hamlets: 4 villages and 41 hamlets.
  • Altitude: 280 meters above sea level.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of basic grains, coffee, sugarcane, and citrus fruits; cattle, horse, and pig breeding; poultry farming.


  • Health services: 1 CESAMO.
  • Education: 27 primary education centers, 1 pre-primary education center, and a secondary education center.


A small plain surrounded by hills, approximately 64 kilometers from the city of La Paz.


  • North: municipality of San Juan;
  • South: municipality of Caridad (Valle);
  • East: municipalities of Lauterique and Aguanqueterique;
  • West: municipality of Mercedes de Oriente.

Hydrography: Apacilina, Cañas, Cuane, Grande or San Juan, and Guajiniquil or Pescado rivers.

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