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Municipality of San Juan Intibuca

The municipality of San Juan belongs to the Intibucá Department.

In the ecclesiastical census conducted by Bishop Cadiñanos, the name of San Juan already appears, belonging to the parish of Intibucá. It was granted municipality status in 1877, as stated in the statistical yearbook by Antonio Vallejo. It became part of Intibucá when the department was created in 1883.

General Information about San Juan Intibucá

Origin of its name: It has a religious character, referring to the saint whose name it bears, although it does not coincide with its festivity.

  • Territorial area: 177.29 km2
  • Population: 16,130 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: 1877
  • Patronal festival: On June 24, the day of Saint John
  • Villages and hamlets: 3 villages and 50 hamlets
  • Elevation: 1,175 meters above sea level
  • Climate: Rainy with a very dry winter

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of basic grains, coffee, sugarcane, and vegetables; raising of cattle, horses, and pigs; poultry farming.


  • Health: 2 CESAR
  • Education: 56 basic education centers, 38 pre-basic education centers, and 3 high schools


Located in a plain northwest of La Esperanza.


  • North: Municipality of Belén (Lempira)
  • South: Municipalities of San Miguel Guancapla and Erandique (Lempira)
  • East: Municipality of San Miguel Guancapla
  • West: Municipalities of Santa Cruz and La Campa (both in Lempira)

National Parks: Cerro Verde Mountain.

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