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Municipality of Yauyupe

It is a municipality in the Department of El Paraíso, in the Republic of Honduras.

It was founded on September 27, 1875, under the name Concepción de Yauyupe.

In the territorial political division of 1889, it appears as a municipality called Yauyupe under the jurisdiction of Texiguat.

General Information about Yauyupe

Origin of its name: In the Mesoamerican language, it means «in the water of black corn.»

  • Territorial area: 76.26 km2
  • Population: 1,507 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: 1875
  • Patron saint fair: December 8, in honor of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Villages and hamlets: 2 villages and 29 hamlets.
  • Altitude: 900 meters above sea level.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of basic grains, sugarcane, coffee, and vegetables; breeding of cattle, horses, pigs, and goats; poultry farming.


  • Health: 1 CESAR.
  • Education: 5 primary schools, 1 basic education center, and 2 kindergartens.
  • Transportation: Buses along the eastern route.
  • Communication network: Passable road, especially during the dry season, telephone service provided by Hondutel, and mobile phone coverage.


Located in the Yauyupe Valley.


  • North: municipalities of Maraita and Nueva Armenia (both in Francisco Morazán);
  • South: municipality of Texiguat;
  • East: municipality of San Lucas;
  • West: municipality of Nueva Armenia (Francisco Morazán).

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