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Epoch Republican of Honduras

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  • The Federal Republic of Central America was a federation that emerged from the Constituent Assembly of the United Provinces of Central America , on November 22, 1824, through the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America of 1824.

    Its capital was Guatemala City until 1834; later it was Sonsonate for a brief period, and finally San Salvador, from 1834 to 1839.

    The Federation was made up of five States: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 1838 a sixth State was formed, Los Altos, with its capital in the city of Quezaltenango, with the territories of western Guatemala, and part of what is now Soconusco de Chiapas (Mexico). The Federation territory also includes Belize.

    It was bordered to the southwest by the Pacific Ocean, to the northeast by the Caribbean Sea, to the southeast by Panama (province of Nueva Granada), and to the northwest by Mexico.

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