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Facebook and Instagram reinforce their presence in Honduras

Honduras. – Entravision Cisneros Interactive announced today that it will be an official authorized partner of Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, to provide support, training, lines of credit and local billing to advertisers in the country and thus help them meet their business objectives.

«We are happy to expand our alliance with Meta in Honduras because this will allow us to build added value so that companies achieve their business objectives more efficiently. We want to help advertisers and agencies so that they can take full advantage of everything that Meta has to offer, as we have been doing in other markets in Latin America in the last 5 years with great success. The arrival in this new market will allow us to provide strategic support, advise in terms of creativity and content to facilitate the use of new tools and boost business in the region,» said Byron Cabrera, Country Manager of Honduras at Entravisión Cisneros Interactive.

Entravision Cisneros Interactive, as an official authorized partner of Meta, will focus on helping local companies grow sales and make their advertising investments more efficient. These new offices in Honduras will join the 16 markets in Latin America where the digital advertising company has a presence.

«We are committed to education and rational investment. During 2021 we have trained more than 5,000 people, part of the team of advertisers and agencies that work with us. Our experience throughout these 5 years of working together with Meta «, has allowed us to help advertisers increase their sales, minimize the cost of customer service, reduce churn rate and other business objectives. Therefore, be so confident that we will achieve the same impact on Honduran companies.» expressed Victor Kong, CEO of Entravisión Cisneros Interactive.

«This alliance with Entravision Cisneros Interactive will allow us to offer a close and agile service and experience for the development of local advertisers, extending the experience we provide to other clients in Latin America,» added Victor Kong.

«The expansion of our partnership with Entravision Cisneros Interactive to support advertisers in Honduras is a sign of our commitment to the development of the region. We are very excited to extend the reach of the program, which has a track record of success helping advertisers and agencies to generate more meaningful connections with consumers, so that they achieve their business objectives,» said Christian Pretelt, regional leader of Resellers de Meta in Latin America. “As part of our collaboration we will implement digital marketing education programs to boost growth in Central America.”

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