Tourism Cayos Cochinos

Located 17 km north of the town of Nueva Armenia in the department of Atlántida. This area has two islands, the largest with 143 meters high and two km2, and the smallest of 14 meters, and with an area of ​​0.8 km2, both are surrounded by 13 small keys.

The Keys have flora and fauna more closely related to the mainland than to those of the Bay Island. They are surrounded by sandy beaches that are optimal for nesting hawksbill sea turtles. Among the terrestrial fauna, the Pink Boa of the Cayos Cochinos is famous for its pink coloration.

The vegetation of both Keys is arboreal and is in an excellent state of conservation. These Keys are also famous for the abundance of their fishing. Its coral reefs are modest and do not form a continuous barrier around the Keys.

You can get to the Park by plane (there is a small track in the small Cay) you can move by boat or schooner from La Ceiba.

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Tourism in Cayos Cochinos