Tourism in the Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa

The Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa is, perhaps, the best known historical place in Omoa, and possibly the most important colonial defense structure in all of Central America.

It is located in the municipality of Omoa in Honduras. Omoa was a town of Indians in 1536, distributed by Pedro de Alvarado to Luis del Puerto, but at the end of the 16th century it was completely depopulated. In 1752, it was re-founded under the name of Omoa, with the idea of ​​building a fortress and establishing a port free from the danger of privateers on the north coast of Honduras.

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Tourism in the Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa
Aerial view of San Fernando de Omoa

During the colony, it was the most important port on the Atlantic coast of Central America, which is why it was attacked countless times by pirates and corsairs who sought to seize the wealth that was sent to Spain from the colonies. This motivated in 1759 King Fernando VI of Spain authorizing the construction of the fort, which was completed in 1775.

It was built by the natives and some of the African slaves, with the purpose of defending both the port, the ships anchored there and the population. This is how the San Fernando de Omoa Fortress, unique in Central America, was built.

It is the largest fort in all of Central America and is the second largest in all of America. Its area is 4,400 square meters. At the entrance there is a large shield. In it there are 31 vaults, of which one was the chapel.

In the other vaults were the kitchens, the administrative offices, where the powder magazine and the armourer were located. At the top were the cannons. The walls of the fort are shaped like a semicircle, or a bow and arrow.

The walls have rounded shapes to cover the impact of the waves of the sea. The guard houses, located at the top, have a baroque design. Next to the fortress is an area that once housed houses, but which had to be demolished due to the need for construction materials, and was finally used as a cemetery.

How to get?

As soon as you arrive in Omoa, ask for the “castle” (that’s how the fortress is known). Everyone knows how to get to the most important colonial legacy on the north coast. Just in case, the fortress is located at the end of the main street, just before reaching the restaurants.

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Tourism in the Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa