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Tourism in Pulhapanzak Falls

The splendid Pulhapanzak Waterfalls, north of Lake Yojoa, are a place worthy of admiration. With a height of 43 meters, In addition to having a lustrous flora, the area presents evidence of having been a special center of ancient cultures, probably before the Mayan.

This is deduced by the existence of an extensive pre-Columbian ceremonial plaza, surrounded by mounds that perhaps conceal archaeological structures. Here remains of several cobbled roads, ceramic fragments and other pieces that are the object of study were found.

Located north of Lake Yojoa, it is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Central America for its crystal clear waters and a 43 m high waterfall. In Pulhapanzak, archaeological remains of what could have been the center of an ancient culture, prior to the Mayans, have also been discovered.

The presence of mounds, the remains of various cobbled paths as well as small ceramic fragments and other objects that have been found in the place, are currently studied by international archaeologists who have identified them as structures belonging to the late classical period (600 to 900).

Tourism in the Pulhapanzak Falls

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