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Types of visas to enter Honduras

Honduras has several types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit to the country. Citizens of most countries in the world can enter the country with a tourist visa, which is valid for 90 days.

You can consult the List of countries that can enter with a tourist visa, without further processing than the basic requirements that are requested in any country.

Check the type of visas that the country has and verify the one that best suits your need.

Tourist / Business Consular Visa:

This type of visa is issued to foreigners who wish to travel to Honduras for recreational, family or business reasons who have current or ordinary passports.

For this purpose, the applicant must fill out the visa application form and present the following documents:

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Photocopy of the general ones that appear in the passport
  • Photocopy of the residence card on both sides, or a photocopy of the visa that is stamped in the passport.
  • Information of your name, address and telephone number, in case the Consulate needs to contact you; Y
  • Money Order for the required value, in favor of «Consulate of Honduras»

In case of doing the process by mail, the interested party must send all the aforementioned documents by an express mail service (DHL, UPS, FEDEX), in the envelope it must include a prepaid mail for the return of the passport.

If you want a multiple entry business visa, in addition to all the aforementioned documents, you must also present a letter from the employer or the institution where you work, in it you must indicate the time it will take to carry out the work in Honduras and mention the person who will cover the cost of the stay in the country. Likewise, you must also cancel the amount required for this type of visa.

Visas consulted

The Consulates verify the visa authorization with the Secretary of Foreign Relations, the applications must be presented to a Honduran Consulate, where an interview will also take place.

Applications can also be submitted directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by persons duly accredited by family affinity, professional or commercial relationships with the foreign applicant who wishes to travel to Honduras.

The visa application must contain the following information and documentation:

  • Names, surnames and nationality of the applicant.
  • Form VCA-4, available at each Consulate
  • Legitimate and valid passport
  • Indication of the reason for the trip: tourism or business, professional activity, or visits to family or friends;
  • Proof of work, bank accounts, and real estate deeds
  • Length of stay in the country
  • Indication of the airport, land or sea delegation through which you will enter
  • If you are a foreigner in the country where you apply for the visa, you must indicate your immigration status as a resident, student or tourist
  • Indication of the visas of other countries that you have

When the visa application is received, the diplomatic or consular office will forward it to the Secretary of Foreign Relations so that they can carry out the corresponding consultation procedures.

Diplomatic visa

It extends to officials of a foreign government who are holders of diplomatic passports.

Official Visa

It is extended to officials of a foreign government or of International Organizations, or to holders of United Nations Laissez Passers who are holders of official passports.

Courtesy Visa

It is extended to all those who work for international organizations or institutions, such as the IMF, IDB, OAS, World Bank and those who do not carry an Official passport.

If you need to do any paperwork, check which are the Embassies and Consulates of your country in Honduras.

Types of visas to enter Honduras

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