White Stone Cave

The place is located in the community also called Piedra Blanca, belonging to the municipality of Bonito Oriental, department of Colón. This hill full of mysteries has been an enigma for the neighbors for decades due to the stories that are told about it.

From afar you can see this great rocky structure that differs from the rest of the hills because of its pyramid shape. The front of the hill is distinguished by its steepness and its rocky appearance. At its feet, the Piedra Blanca river passes, which makes the landscape even more beautiful. Inside the hill are the caves. Accessing them is difficult because the terrain is steep; to the front you can see the holes that stand out like windows on the great wall.

These underground cavities seem to form a spiral within the hill, since according to the neighbors, they extend from the lower part to the top of the hill. Above, large holes in the rocky wall protrude that become windows and allow you to see the surrounding landscape.

The thick vegetation and the river bed that bears the same name, combine for a true scenic beauty. On this stage the imposing natural structure rises. Tourists can see the huge mountain where the Piedra Blanca caves are located, in the Bonito Oriental sector.

“According to our ancestors, many families traveled through this sector in canoes and when you passed near the hill you would hear a rooster crowing. From the holes that look like windows, a man covered with hair came out to greet everyone who passed by every day; it is said that it was the Sisimite ”. No one has been able to reach the deepest depths due to the darkness and the lack of oxygen in some parts.

Many have tried to reach the end of the caves, but they have failed in their attempt, some people state that: “we have visited this place for more than 12 years and we have only been able to reach a certain part, as there are many animals and insects and it is Very dark. Maybe with special and protective equipment you can get there ”.

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