May 25 – Honduran Journalist Day

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  • In Honduras, the Honduran Journalist Day is celebrated on May 25 of each year to recognize and celebrate the work of Honduran journalists and communicators, the main defenders of freedom of expression.

    It was declared by Executive Agreement on May 30, 1930, by the then President of the Republic, Vicente Mejía Colindres , in recognition of the merits of journalists and with the purpose of stimulating the work that said professionals carry out daily in the different means of communication and that allow citizens in general to be duly informed of what is happening in the entire geographical dimension, both nationally and internationally.

    A little history

    In 1830 the first printed newspaper in Honduras, “La Gaceta del Gobierno”, was published. Exactly one hundred years later, on May 25, 1930, the First National Congress of Journalists was held. A few days later and at the request of the journalists’ meeting, the then president Vicente Mejía Colindres signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Instruction creating the Day of the Journalist, which indicated among its considerations that “the Press is a factor of positive importance for the culture of the peoples, the consolidation of peace and the prestige of the institutions “, in addition to arguing that” it is the duty of the Government to perpetuate the events that mark an era of aggrandizement in the social evolution of the country and to stimulate the work of those who exercise the noble profession of journalists ”.

    At present, the journalistic union still fights for the free expression of thought, at a time when they face the repression of various fronts, such as organized crime and delinquency, which under the cloak of impunity, threaten and coerce to avoid the free exercise of information.

    Champions of Honduran Journalism

    Honduras has great characters in the history of Honduran journalism, some of them precursors of modern journalism who, in addition to journalism, exercised the gift of the pen.

    International Journalist Day

    On September 8, the International Journalist Day is commemorated in tribute to the Czech journalist Julius Fucik, executed by the Nazis on September 8, 1943.

    May 25 - Honduran Journalist Day
    In Honduras, the Honduran Journalist is celebrated on May 25, established on May 30, 1930 by President Vicente Mejía Colindres.
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